Cuong Duc Dao
Machine Learning Lover
  • Name: Cuong Duc Dao

  • Job: Research Intern

  • Affiliate: KAUST

  • Email: cuong[at]

  • Skype: duccuongict



  • Image and Video Understanding Lab

    Research Assistant. Advised by Prof. Bernard Ghanem

    King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

    Aug 2017 — Present

    • Implementing actor-supervision based algorithm for spatiotemporal actional localization in video data. The system achieves state-of-the-art performance on weakly-supervised action localization tasks on a number of standard benchmarks.
    • Developing benchmark dataset which contributes to a novel framework for robustness analysis of Visual Question Answering (VQA) models.
    • Developing algorithms for fine-grained fish detection in underwater camera footage.

  • Data Science Lab

    Research Assistant. Advised by Prof. Thi-Oanh Nguyen

    Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam

    Sep 2015 — Jun 2016

    • Implemented image classification systems using convolutional neural network.
    • Evaluated several neural image captioning models and propose alternatives for the vision module and optimization algorithm of an image captioning model which is composed of a convolutional and a long short-term memory network. Our proposal achivend the same perfomance with well-known models while being less complex in terms of size and faster to train on commodity hardware.

  • School of Computing

    Research Assistant. Advised by Prof. Stéphane Bressan

    National University of Singapore, Singapore

    Jun 2015 — Sep 2015

    • Designed and implemented a data crawling and wrangling system to collect maritime data (particularly vessel images and meta data) from various sources in the Internet.
    • Proposed, implemented and evaluated a deep convolutional neural network for vessel images classification. Our model is half-size compared to well-known convolutional networks and achieves a top-1 accuracy of 95.31% when classifying natural vessel images into 35 classes.


  • Airpoli App (Startup)

    Backend Developer

    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Jun 2016 — Jan 2017

    • Designed and developed a content management system for Airpoli language learning app using Python Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, ReactJS.
    • Designed and developed natural language processing modules for analyzing and annotating the content of the app using NTLK.

  • FPT Information Systems

    SQL Developer

    Hanoi, Vietnam

    Jan 2014 — Sep 2014

    • Developed tax invoices processi ng modules for National Income Tax System using plSQL on Oracle database.
    • Deployed the modules to more than 200 tax offices across the country.